FACA Track Clinic​ 

2020 Clinic Notes and Handouts

"Cooking to Perfection"- Scott Christensen

"Endurance Training- The Foundation"- Scott Christensen

"Pick Up The Pace"- Scott Christensen

"Revving Up Aerobic Power- Scott Christensen

"Tend The Farm"- Scott Christensen

"Trait Markers For Emerging Milers"- Scott Christensen

"What Adults Need to Know About Growth and Development"- Scott Christensen

"300m Hurdles"- Dan Dearing

"Long Jump and Triple Jump"- Mark Napier

"Early Season Training Essentials"- Vince Anderson

"Three Important Exercises Explained"- Vince Anderson


2019 Clinic Notes and Handouts 

"Mythbusting: Re-examining some Common Practices in the Sprints"- Brian Fitzgerald

"Teaching the Sprint Start"- Brian Fitzgerald

"Maximizing Potential in the 4x100m"- Brian Fitzgerald

"Teaching Sprint Mechanics"- Brian Fitzgerald

"Coaching Athletes to be Dynamic and Athletic"- Mellanee Welty 

"Survival Guide- Mid Distance- 1600m Training"- David Halliday 

"3200m Training"- David Halliday 

"Strength Training for Distance and Mid Distance Runners"- David Halliday

"Developing the 400m/800m Athlete"- Bryan Jackson

"Introduction to Endurance Training"- Bryan Jackson

"Javelin Essentials"- Glenn McAtee

"High Jump Teaching Progression and Training"- Glenn McAtee

​"Teaching Progression for the Glide Shot Put"- Glenn McAtee

"Teaching Progression for the Discus Throw"- Glenn McAtee

Glenn McAtee YouTube Channel with all Videos

"DirectAthletics / TFRRS and FHSAA Track and Field"


2018 Clinic Notes and Handouts:

"Developing Young People Through Athletics"- Boo Schexnayder

"Coaches Guide to Handling Shin Splints and Hamstring Injuries"- Boo Schexnayder

"Teaching the Pole Vault Approach"- Boo Schexnayder

"Accuracy in the Long Jump / Triple Jump Approach"- Boo Schexnayder

"The High Jump- Technique and Teaching"- Boo Schexnayder

"The Long Jump- Technique and Teaching"- Boo Schexnayder

"The Triple Jump- Technique and Teaching"- Boo Schexnayder

"Introduction to Track and Field Terminology and Periodization"- Dan Dearing

"Juggling Head Coaching Duties and Practice Plans"- David Halliday

"Aerobic and Anaerobic Contributions to Distance Events"- Houston Franks

"Finding Proper Training Paces for Distance Runners"-- Houston Franks

"800m and 1600m Training"- Houston Franks

"1600m / 3200m Training"- Houston Franks

"Setting Up an Annual Plan for Distance Runners"- Houston Franks

"Linking Cross Country to Track"- Houston Franks

"Strength Training and Drills for the High School Track and Field Athlete"- Mike Judge

"Discus: Teaching and Technique"- Mike Judge

"Glide Shot Put"- Mike Judge

"Javelin: Teaching and Technique"- Mike Judge

"Rotational Shot Put"- Mike Judge


2017 Clinic Notes and Handouts:

2017 Clinic Packet (all events except field events)

Track 101- Introduction to Track Terminology and Periodization- Dan Dearing

Explosive Training for Jumps Athletes - Andy Eggerth

How to Build a Better Pole Vaulter - Andy Eggerth

How to Stop Fouling in the Horizontal Jumps - Andy Eggerth

Teaching Progression for the High Jump- Andy Eggerth

Nutrition for the Track Athlete - Mindy Black

Discus Throw- Dave Wollman

The Speedy Middle Distance Runner - Ron Grigg

Choreographing the Sprint Hurdles- Ron Grigg

The Spectrum of 400-meter training- Ron Grigg

Pace per 400m chart- Ron Grigg

400m Microcycle- Ron Grigg

Wicket Sheet- Ron Grigg

*All Videos from Ron Grigg Powerpoints are Here*


2016 Clinic Notes and Handouts

Sprints Handout Packet

100mH/110mH Training

300mH/400mH Training

Circuits sheet

Jumps Handout Packet

Pole Vault Approach and Takeoff

Distance Handouts (see below):

"Making Middle Distance Superstars Part 1"

"Making Middle Distance Superstars Part 2" 

"Team Culture"

"Can We Peak Distance Runners?"

"Psychological Inventories and Interventions"

"What about the 3200m"

"Advanced Topics in the Mile"