FACA Track Clinic​ 

FACA Track and Field Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this clinic for?- This clinic is for track and field coaches of any level to learn more.  We will have seminars for coaches who don't know the difference between a takeoff leg and a relay leg, as well as for "expert" coaches who know the difference between centripetal force and centrifugal force.  Simply put, this is for coaches of all levels. Everyone will get a chance to learn more from great coaches.

Where is the clinic located?- The FACA track clinic is held at the beautiful Daytona Beach Hilton Oceanwalk Resort (100 N. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL) Visit www.daytonahilton.com for more information on the resort!  

How do I obtain my FACA membership? - Just visit this page to get all of your information about becoming a FACA member!

How much does it cost?- The FACA track clinic is FREE for all FACA members.  If you are not a member, simply go here to sign up!

Can I become a FHSAA Certified Official at the Clinic?- Why yes, yes you can!  Click here for all of that information!

I already know everything about coaching track and field.  Why should I go?- First of all, congratulations on your accomplishments and humility. We think you should still go to the clinic, for no better reason than to see how much our instructors really know.  Who knows, maybe you can teach them a thing or two?  At least it can open the dialogue about coaching.  Again, congratulations on all of your wisdom and expertise, please come and share your knowledge with the rest of us; including the instructors.  

If you had a mascot for the FACA track clinic, what would it be and why?- Great question, we get this one a lot.  It would have to be Fozie Bear, as his signature "Waka Waka Waka" can easily be done as "FACA FACA FACA".  Plus, we could see him as a great coach.  You don't believe us? Just bear with us then……..